Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar

What started as a strategy to meet chicks turned into a full-blown obsession for Rock 'n' Roll. This self-taught guitarist was a mere lad of 14 when he first wowed local San Francisco audiences with his ultra-cool behind-the-head guitar playing. He did take lessons for 3 months but his parents pulled him out when they discovered he was teaching the instructor better riffs. So he perfected his craft by playing along with tunes from his favorite bands ranging from the Beach Boys and CCR to the Stones and New York Dolls. The result is a front-man with amazing vocal ability and blistering guitar virtuosity. Over the past 20 years, he's played with numerous bands including San Francisco's legendary Sheer Hite. Upon arriving in Utah in 1992, he formed the Rockamatics to focus on the roots of great Rock 'n' Roll. Why? Where else can you experience the sheer poetic genius of lyrics like "a one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store."
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

As a pre-pubescent lad, Justin stayed up to the wee hours of the morning fixating on every note blazing through his transistor radio. This love for the local San Francisco music scene inspired him to pick up his first guitar in the late 1970's. With "Death before Disco" as his mantra, Justin taught himself to play by ear resulting in his unique playing style. His musical influences were as varied as a stray dog's litter. As long as it was Rock 'n' Roll, he loved it. After learning his favorite tunes, he formed his first high school rock band earning him the praise, "he isn't much talented, but he sure is loud." That quickly changed. He's now considered one of the most solid rhythm players in the business. With the Rockamatics, Justin is again playing real Rock 'n' Roll and is content to hang out with his pals Buddy, Carl, Eddie, and Elvis.
Bass Guitar and Vocals

Some people are born into Rock 'n' Roll, others have it thrust upon them. In Patio's case it was a bass guitar thrust upon him at the age of 13 by his brothers who were forming a band to save the world from Disco in the late '70s. The next few years found Patio and his bros blitzing the demanding San Francisco music scene with such popular band incarnations as Sticky Fingers, the Cretins, and Sheer Hite playing everything from Rock 'n' Roll to Punk to New Wave to Top 40 Rock. Upon his arrival in Utah, he and his brothers decided to put the band back together where Patio continues to feed his appetite for Rock 'n' Roll. Dubbed the "Quiet Rockamatic" by his band mates, Patio's stage antics are often perceived by audiences as "clues" in the "Patio is Alive" controversy.
Sax, Harp, Flute, Keyboards,
Percussion, & Vocals

Some guys just can't decide what they want to do. It took Barney a while to find himself musically and settle on an instrument. His quest initially took him from his native Oklahoma to Southern California. There, he cut his teeth playing sax in several jazz bands. He even studied jazz under the legendary Stan Kenton. When that didn't scratch his itch, he began a Rock 'n' Roll conversion studying blues harp under David Barrett. From there, he performed with various bands including Epic Forrest and Sage. Barney hooked up with the Rockamatics in 1995 initially sitting in with the guys to blow some harp. When he convinced the band that he could even rock on the flute, he was in. That boy never could settle on just one instrument, though.

Evidence of Todd's drumming has been carbon dated as far back as the late 1970's when he and his teen pals formed the band Foreplay to perform the contemporary hits of Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent, and Aerosmith. But scandal rocked the Southern California band as his parents made him change the band's name to Forecast and later as he sold his drum kit to replace a blown engine in his 1971 Chevelle. Eventually, Todd found his way to Salt Lake City where he hooked up with the Rockamatics in 1993 and has womped on the skins ever since (his contract prohibits him from ever selling his drums again). When asked about his early drumming influences, Todd points to the legendary Magilla Gorilla of Hanna Barbera fame.