Q - Are you the band that is featured in the movie "The R.M."?

A - Yes. The band can be seen in the wedding reception scenes about midway through the movie.

Q - Do you have more hipped-up religious tunes available?

A - Yes, there are quite a few demos and finished tunes floating around the band's vault. The band is considering an album that would feature these rarities but a release date has not been determined.

Q - Was there ever such a project as the rumored "R.M. Wedding Album"?

A - Yes. The R.M. Wedding Album was a six-song EP of Rockamatics' tunes that was to be released in conjunction with the R.M. movie soundtrack. The album consisted of three songs from the movie (Love At Home, I Love to See the Temple, Puppy Love), two wildly different versions of Love One Another, and Where Love Is from the movie The Singles Ward. The project was scrubbed in favor of releasing the album More! from the R.M. and The Singles Ward.

Q - Is there a connection between you and the band "The Cretins" that performed Onward Christian Soldiers in the movie The R.M.?

A - The Cretins and the Rockamatics are the same band. Director, Kurt Hale, asked the Rockamatics to provide a hard rocking song to be used in the movie The R.M. Since the band had already provided three songs for the movie, it was decided that this song be issued under a different band name.

Q - Why does the song Where Love Is appear on some versions of the Singles Ward movie soundtrack and not others?

A - Where Love Is did not appear on the initial release of the Singles Ward soundtrack. It was added several months later upon overwhelming fan request. Subsequently, the song was removed when the record company made the economic decision that only 14 songs were necessary to sell the album. Where Love Is only appears on about 500 Singles Ward soundtrack CDs. If you have a copy, you've got yourself quite a little collector's item.